About Us

Trited Innovation is a leading supplier of automated machinery for a wide range of manufacturing industries. Trited’s growing team enables us to provide turnkey, fully automated solutions from inception to final delivered product.

Trited specializes in the automation of a range of different industries. These industries include automotive, renewable energy, and pharmaceutical. Trited’s team brings years of experience and success to every project, which in turn has allowed us to remain competitive and innovative throughout the years.

At Trited, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added engineering services to achieve innovation and sustainable manufacturing solutions, including:

  • Engineering consultations
  • Design services
  • Fabrication/machining services
  • Small to medium production runs
  • Controls and programming services
  • Project management services

Our ability to continuously innovate and improve has allowed us to succeed alongside our clients.

Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you with your next automated challenge.