Plastics Industry

The changing requirements within the plastics industry have grown exponentially. The variations of components within the plastics industry have brought forth the need for reliable and precise machinery that will ensure all manufacturing is kept within tolerance.

Trited Innovation has been able to succeed and grow within this market segment. Trited’s years of experience within the plastics industry have placed us into a competitive position within today’s market.

Our plastics experience includes ultrasonic welding, plastic components presses, robotic clip insertion system, plastics inspection systems, manual fixtures, assembly conveyor systems, robotic material handling and state of the art data tracking developed in house.

Our facilities include state of the art CNC machines, milling machines, grinders, lathes and CMM tooling. All of these functions have allowed us to create innovative sustainable equipment.

Robotic Part Assembly

Manual Part Assembly

Robot Clip Insertion

Ultrasonic Welding/Punching

Part Inspection & Data Acquisition

Grill Presses & Tool Changing Capabilities